No matter how well you maintain your roof, it can still get leaks in it. These leaks can be caused by many things, like storm damage, poor installation, and wear and tear over time.

Once you notice a leak, the first thing you should do is call roofers in Myrtle Beach. The worst thing to do is try to fix it yourself. If not dealt with properly, a leak can cause serious damage to your house.

With such a serious issue, it’s important to know how to spot signs of a leak. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 5 most common signs of leaks. When you see any of these, call Myrtle Beach roofing companies immediately for repairs.

5 Things to Know When You Notice a Roof Leak

1. Curling Shingles

While it is important to check the entire interior of your house, it is also very important to check the exterior. Doing this will allow you to spot issues like curling shingles. Your shingles should lie flat. When they aren’t flat, Myrtle Beach roofing contractors will need to help.

2. Water Stains

Water stains can appear in many places, including your ceiling. If you spot one of these water stains, the worst thing to do is ignore it. Always take action when you see these, no matter how small they are. Call roofers in Myrtle Beach, so they can repair the issue.

3. Spots on Walls

Water spots on interior walls are an obvious sign of a leak. However, many people do not think about checking exterior walls. For unusual leaks that don’t quite reach the inside of your home, you may be able to spot them outside. The roof repair in Myrtle Beach will likely need to address a problem with your flashing.

4. Rot on Roof

Checking your roof itself is essential in spotting leaks before they become serious problems. With all the excess moisture from rot, you may end up with an extensive mold issue that isn’t covered by insurance. To keep your home safe and keep repair costs low, rot on your shingles should be quickly taken care of.

This rot can also be caused by humidity and temperature changes in your attic. You can find it by looking for uneven, darker, or sunken shingles. If you notice any rot, get roof repair in Myrtle Beach as soon as possible.

5. Missing Roof Granules

After heavy storms and winds, it’s best to check in on your home. These weather conditions can cause too many missing granules, which will wear down your shingles quickly and leave your home unprotected.

This issue mainly occurs in old shingles, but can also happen to newer ones. If you have this issue, contact Myrtle Beach roofing companies to make sure your home is protected.

Roof Repair in Myrtle Beach

Now that you know the signs to look for, make sure you do your own regular inspections of your house. Myrtle Beach contractors should also conduct a yearly inspection at least to do a more thorough inspection and spot any damage.

Notice these signs of leaks around your home? Call Myrtle Beach roofing companies and get the necessary repairs for your home.

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