6 Home Improvement Apps to Help you Renovate Your Space. Let’s face it – renovating your home can be just as stressful as moving. Budgeting, scheduling, keeping up with local building codes – there’s a lot more to home improvement than just picking out the perfect paint color. There are endless details to keep track of and hundreds, if not thousands of things that can go wrong.

If your project is particularly complex or has a strict deadline, you may find yourself suddenly buried in questions like “how much is all this going to cost?” or “where do I even begin?”.

Fret no more! We’ve handpicked seven apps to help you navigate through even the toughest renovation project. From color matching and paint previewing to room drawing and measurement taking, here are seven home improvement apps to help you kick off your project.

7 home improvement apps to help you renovate your space

1. Pinterest

It has been said that no one is an expert at everything, but that certainly doesn’t mean that people are not willing to share their knowledge. We LOVE Pinterest because people take the time to create boards full of information about anything and everything you can imagine.

This social media platform could help you to stay on top of home improvement trends, discover new gadgets and tools whether you are purchasing them for your home or as a gift and even help you save time and money as well as earn free stuff. This app is used for way more than just home improvement, but it has proven to be quite popular among homeowners looking to spruce up their space. According to Pinterest Business, approximately 60% of users have leveraged the platform to make home decor purchases.

2. Home Design 3D

Open your door to the world of designing with Home Design 3D – a powerful, easy-to-use tool for interior design. Home Design 3D offers you access to a wide spectrum of interior design-related tools so that you have an infinite number of ways to create your personal dream home. The responsive user interface of Home Design 3D allows you to plan, design, and decorate your entire house on all popular mobile devices. Some features require an upgrade, but the capabilities of this app are endless when it comes to viewing your renovation from all design angles. Whether you’re looking to remodel, build, redecorate, or simply add on some room space on the go, Home Design 3D is the ideal way to get started.

3. TapPainter

If you’re one of those people who would rather paint the room yourself than have a company do it for you, TapPainter really comes in handy.

This app is one of the top paint color visualizers for home interiors in the industry. Choose and mix paint from a color wheel and then upload a photograph of your room.

Not only does the app take natural lighting conditions into account, but it also allows you to access real paint color codes from top brands when you upgrade to the standard version.

Painting your home from the comfort of your own couch before you even lift a paintbrush sounds cool.

4. Photo Measures

Measuring your space doesn’t have to be difficult. Just take this easy-to-use app with you to the store, snap a picture of the empty space, and it does the rest. The app will automatically find corners, level, and snap your measurements for you.

This application can be very helpful when deciding what piece of furniture to buy, trying to visualize the scale of the piece. It adds an extra level of convenience, removing the need to physically measure yourself, allowing for one-tap sharing of dimensions

It costs $6.99 on iOS and $4.99 on Android, but the cost seems worth it if it’s saving you trips back home.

5. Handymobi

The problem with home improvement projects is that they’re. well, never actually complete. It’s a constant cycle of planning, shopping and then doing it all over again. And again. But with Handymobi, you can organize every aspect of your project, from providing ideas to tracking budgeting.

Choose from a wide range of in-app digital tools, including a level tool, calculator, and unit converter. This app offers a range of tools that will help you plan every step of your new kitchen renovation – or whatever it is you’re working on!

Moreover, becoming a Handymobi user instantly puts you in touch with a community of DIY fanatics who can help you plan, budget, and build your projects. Whether you’re a seasoned guru or new to the DIY community, this home improvement app will surely make your project more manageable.

6. HomeZada

People who own homes know exactly what it’s like to manage them. You must schedule repairs, deal with insurance and taxes, and make sure that everything is in order with the mortgage company. The HomeZada solution provides a scheduling tool, home value forecast tool, home improvement project tracker etc. to help you better manage your home.

Features include a 3-year home value forecast, home asset inventory library, home maintenance scheduler, and a home improvement project tracker, to name a few.

This app views your home holistically, addressing aesthetics, financials, and logistics.

Let us help you make your home beautiful.

There are some home improvement projects that just can’t be DIY’ed. Trying to cut corners or save money by doing it yourself can cost you more in the long run – especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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