Ceiling Stains Help Identify Roof Leaks. You may realize that you have leaks in your roof by observing several signs. Among the most relevant, water stains on your ceiling are one of the most visible.

Usually, we blame roof leaks for water stains. But roof leaks may have several possible reasons. Among the causes are rotting, flashing, blistering, and missing or curling shingles. Thus, do not attempt to repair the drywall until you can identify the source of the stain.

Ceiling Stains Help Identify Roof Leaks

How do I know where the water leak is coming from?

Don’t you know where to start? Don’t you want to hire an unqualified professional? Well, you may discover by yourself the cause of the water stain in several ways. You only have to follow the discoloration and reduce the options.

Most water stains in a home’s ceilings are yellow or brown, and you can discover them all over the place. Unluckily, only the look of a water stain does not reveal the source of it. Actually, water must pass through several components before it reaches the surface.

Even so, the stain location will help you to know its source. We will mention some examples:

  • Plumbing leaks and air conditioning unit spills are the most common causes of a stain underneath a plumbing fixture.
  • Likewise, inadequate flashing on chimneys can lead to leaks and water stains. So, you should check yours.
  • Also, it is possible that faulty plumbing is at blame in some situations.

What do I do if my roof is the cause?

To ignore the leak and water stain is to provoke disaster. If you wait too long, you put your family at risk for mold-related health problems. These complications may include eye, skin, nose, throat, and lung irritation.

But, don’t freak out if your roof starts dripping. Call a dependable roofing contractor as soon as possible. Likewise, follow these helpful procedures to minimize the damage.

There are several causes why your roof is leaking:

  • Broken or missing chimney and vent flashing might be one reason for the problem. Either your flashing will need replacement or your roof must be sealed with roof tar if this is the case.
  • Clogged gutters are another typical cause. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. So, to begin fixing the water stain, try cleaning out your drainage system of any fallen leaves or other tiny debris.
  • Does your roof is more than 15 years old? If your shingles are old, they may have suffered enough wear and tear process to start breakdown. Also, the seals around your roof vents may have deteriorated. Facts like these may lead to rainwater filtering into your home. If you spot these signs on your roof, make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. Besides, you should consider a roof replacement.
  • Ask your roofing contractor to check the shape of the waterproofing material. If that layer has some damage, water may be able to get in.

Are water stains the only sign of a leaking roof?

Even there may not be browning or spots on your ceiling and still have a leaky roof. Water can filter through your attic and your insulation. Yet, it might take months for the plywood, decking, and felt to permeate your ceiling before it becomes an evident problem.

Therefore, to be sure, every spring and autumn check for signs of visible leaking in your attic. Also, affiliating to a roof preventative maintenance plan will facilitate you solve minor problems before they scaling into major damage.

In Conclusion: What to Do When Spotting Water Stain

Neglecting a water stain is just like allowing a time bomb to grow over your head. As this problem gets worse, your home may suffer structural and electrical damage. Moreover, because of the built-water accumulation, you may see your ceiling suddenly crashing to your floor!

So, if you spot a water stain, make the preliminary checks we mentioned here. Then, request the support of a local reputable roofing company. Its support will be fundamental to prevent the damage from getting worse and costly.

If you have any doubts about how to deal with roofing issues and water damage, you can call the Lenox Roofing Solutions team. One of our roofing experts will gladly help you. Also, you can fill out our online form to request an estimate.

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