Lenox Roofing wants to help you with how to prepare your gutters for fall. Summer has officially come and gone, and this means the fall season is here in full force. We all know autumn brings great pleasant weather and colorful landscapes, but it also makes the leaves dry, and they start to fall outside the homes. This brings the concern of homeowners about the exterior of their homes and the gutters of their houses.

It does not matter what condition your home is in right now, it is susceptible to the harsh conditions of autumn and winters. We know deep cleaning and repairing the gutters are not entertaining tasks but they must be done properly and the damage should be avoided in time for the rain, sleet, and snow.

7 steps to prepare your gutters for fall weather & leaves

Clean your gutters thoroughly

You need to your hose for the one last time after that it will be of no use because of the cold weather. This hose will be used to flush out your gutters. You can spend the entire weekend on your roof by removing all kinds of debris from there and filling up your gutters and downspouts.

You can put high-pressure spray down and put on some gloves to wipe away the remaining debris and leaves. You can put some warm water and soap in a bucked pour it into the gutters and wipe them down with a sponge.

Inspect gutters for damages

Once you have cleaned all the gutters you can inspect them from different points to check the damaged areas. Also, make sure that all the screws are tightened and there are no uneven sections or any kind of excessive wear and tear. You can make a list of all the points and can check them in sequence.

Repair what is needed

If there is any kind of repair required either for the gutters or any other place, get it done. This will help you to run your home for a longer time. The reason is simple if you forgot to fill up the cracks and holes, the water will start to leak from it. This could lead the water and all other debris to go directly to the basement which could become a problem for you. The weight that this weather brings can also become a problem as the snow and rainwater could start accumulating on the roof because of the unclogged gutters and debris. This will require quick attention from you.

Trim Tree Branches

Trimming the trees can reduce your work when it comes to cleaning the lawn from the leaves or cleaning the roof. Moreover, when the branches would be trimmed, they won’t come over the roof and the chance of leaves falling on the roof and then clogging it would become less. If the weather is nice outside, you can go out for this kind of work and get it done before fall arrives.

Keep Rodents from moving in

The cold weather and precipitation of fall and winter send nature’s furry friends to the higher ground seeking warmth and shelter, such as squirrels, possums, raccoons, and rats.

The concave of your gutters and the covered exit of your downspout make for great nesting spots to get cozy. You can apply some rodent repellent and can give your gutters a nice coat after you clean them.

Install gutter guards

You can also install gutter guards on your gutters just to keep them safe. These covers go over your troughs to protect them from the leaves and any other debris fall can bring in. The guards come with pinpoints that are wide enough to allow the water to enter and exit your gutter system properly.

Call the Professionals

If you think you cannot do such kind of work alone and you need help or you do not have time and you want someone else to do the whole work. You can call the professionals and they can come to your place to perform all the functions with their expertise.

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