Roof coatings play a pivotal role in maintaining the longevity and efficiency of a roofing system. With the plethora of options available in the market, it becomes imperative to make an informed decision that aligns with the specific needs of your roof. At Lenox Roofing, we prioritize providing our clients with the best solutions, ensuring that their roofing in Myrtle Beach remains in optimal condition for years to come.

The Rise of Reflective White Top Coats

Over the past few years, reflective white top coats have gained significant traction. Their primary function is to diminish peak roof surface temperatures. By doing so, they not only reduce the electrical demand for air conditioning in numerous buildings but also minimize temperature fluctuations that can wear out roof systems.

Most of these white coatings are formulated from water-borne acrylic. When it comes to asphalt roof systems, especially those with mineral cap sheets, these coatings can be applied directly after the necessary surface cleaning and preparation. However, smooth asphalt surfaces often necessitate a specialized primer or base coat to prevent the asphalt from seeping into the top coat.

Metal Roofs and Their Coating Preferences

Metal roofs, whether they are made of steel, aluminum, or galvanized metal, are excellent candidates for coatings. There’s a range of suitable coatings for metal roofs, including aluminum, acrylic, urethane, and polyurea.

Urethane and polyurea coatings stand out due to their two-component nature. These coatings are not only compatible with almost all roofs but also offer superior elongation and tensile strength. Their strength can range around 1500 psi, which is significantly higher than the 200-400 psi of other coatings. Additionally, these coatings provide a more robust surface.

One of the standout features of urethanes and polyureas is their ability to offer protection in areas with ponded water, a feature not commonly found in other coating systems. It’s worth noting that urethanes have been extensively utilized for pond and fountain liners.

Selecting the Ideal Roof Coating: Part2

The Lifespan Extension Benefits of Coatings

There’s a unanimous agreement in the industry about the role of coatings in extending the life cycle of roof systems. By safeguarding substrates that age slowly, it’s plausible to prolong the life cycle of certain roof systems indefinitely, even without the advantage of protective and reflective coatings.

Maintenance is crucial. Ensuring the system remains dry and is regularly inspected can make a world of difference. At Lenox Roofing, we recommend a bi-annual inspection and maintenance program to all our clients, including those seeking roofing contractors in Myrtle Beach SC.

Delving Deeper: Coating Requirements for Specific Roof Systems

The built-up roof (BUR) system is often dubbed the industry’s workhorse. The coatings predominantly used on BUR systems encompass solvent and water-borne asphalt coatings, aluminized asphalt coatings, and white elastomeric coatings, typically acrylic.

BUR systems can exhibit a variety of surface finishes. They can be coated with mopped asphalt, have a mineral cap sheet on top, or even have a layer of gravel embedded in hot asphalt. Each type requires a specific approach to coating. For instance, a mineral cap sheet is relatively straightforward to coat due to its texture, which allows coatings to grip firmly. On the other hand, gravel-covered roofs might require gravel removal before coating.

Asphalt coatings have long been acknowledged for their efficacy in extending life cycles and rejuvenating aging BUR systems. They are typically applied post the BUR system’s initial installation and at regular intervals as part of a consistent maintenance program.

To shield against ultraviolet radiation and offer substantial reflectivity, aluminum pigments can be incorporated into both solvent and water-borne asphalt coatings. These coatings, infused with tiny aluminum pigment flakes, can achieve solar reflectance between 0.40 & 0.50, with some premium variants even exceeding 70% reflectivity.


Choosing the right roof coating is not just about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your building but also about ensuring its longevity and efficiency. At Lenox Roofing, we pride ourselves on assisting our clients in making informed decisions, ensuring their Myrtle Beach roofing contractors’ investments yield long-term benefits. Remember, the right coating can make all the difference.

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