Telltale Signs Your Roof Might Need Replacing in Myrtle Beach, Sc. You may think it is lovely to see the sunshine getting into your home through your windows. But, you will not feel happy if you see it seeping through the roof. If you spot that, you have to call a professional roofer and plan a roof replacement.

You can live in a water-free, energy-efficient house, as those Lenox Roofing Solutions do. However, you have to pay attention closely to any tear and wear signal. Maintenance is always necessary, but your roof is not everlasting. The moment of scheduling a replacement to enjoy the advantages of a new roof will arrive.

How do you know when this time has arrived? Here, we will describe the revealing signs your roof might need replacing.

Telltale Signs Your Roof Might Need Replacing

Age Brings More than Wisdom

The first sign, and one of the most obvious, is the age of your roof. Did you remember when your roof was installed? If a pair of decades or more have already passed, consider seriously replacing your roof.

Perhaps you are not sure when your roof was built, or you weren’t there when that happened. So, look around your neighborhood. Likely, the adjacent houses were built at the same time yours was. Observe their roofs; if they look in considerably better condition than yours, it is time for a replacement.

The Wear and Tear of the Shingles

Once you determined that it’s been a long time since your roof installation, you have to check your shingles’ shape.

Missing or cracked shingles are clear signs of wear and tear. Are they curling at the edges or cupping in the middle? If so, your roof may have grave issues. Maybe you don’t notice them now, but they will scale if you don’t fix them now, turning into a big headache.

Once their effects are evident, you will have to move quickly to repair the damage. Besides, you would have to spend more money on fixing related damage to walls and ceilings.

Depending on the condition of the shingles, you will have some time to perform repairs. Nevertheless, a roof replacement will be necessary within five years or before.

You can replace easily missing or cracked shingles, even if you have to pay a steep price afterward. You can detect any failing shingle right after it cracks or when the wind blows it off. But, if you don’t address these issues soon and let the time passes, your house will be more vulnerable day after day.

As a result, your attic, ceilings, or interior walls may end suffering damage.

The Gutters Will Say It All

Loose granules are a typical sign of wear and tear. If your roof is more than ten years old, pay attention to granules’ loosing. For roofs with a lifespan like yours, this fact is a cause of alarm.

These granules are the shingles’ protective layer against wind and sun. When they begin falling off, your shingles and your entire roof get weaker.

So, your gutters will tell you if the amount of granules lost is significant or not. Plan a roofing replacement in a maximum of five years, depending on the magnitude of the loss.

Uninvited guests in Your Roof

Have you ever seen a dark or green sheen on roofs? This stain is a clear sign of the presence of moss or algae in the shingles.

Although it is not necessary to replace the entire roof due to these undesirable guests, they are still a reason for concern.

Usually, moss and algae are aesthetical issues. Both of them grow in wet zones with insufficient sunlight. Have your shingles been recently installed? Then, you have nothing to worry about when dealing with moss and algae. You will leave this issue behind by easily removing them.

Yet, you will have a bigger problem if your roof is weak. Damaged shingles are a negative indicator if they have moss on them. This implies the rainwater is pooling in some areas of your roof, creating the ideal habitat for moss.

Unluckily, this is also a perfect spot for water filtering through your roof structure. It will penetrate any shingle crack, entering your house and damaging your ceilings, walls, and belongings.

Be aware of moss and consider replacing your roof when noticing an evident deterioration in your shingles.

Flash through the valleys

Chimneys and roof valleys play a critical role in keeping your home dry. Failing valleys will cause roof leaks. Additionally, if your chimney has an old type of flashing, such as roof cement or tar, eventually it will crack. So, it will be better to replace it as soon as possible with the modern metal flashing system. This flashing is waterproof and provides better long-term protection.

Are You Still Uncertain?

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