Tips to Prepare Your Roof for a Big Storm. We can say that heavy storms are typical events in many South Carolina areas. However, people tend to ignore unfavorable weather reports. They do that until they can see the weather effects, which usually are more severe than they anticipated.

What to do in this situation? Begin preparing your roof as soon as possible if the smartest decision.

Below, we will provide you with some helpful suggestions. These tips will help you and your roof to survive any storm.

Tips to Prepare Your Roof for a Big Storm

Preparing Your Home and Roof for a Big Storm

  1. Secure doors and windows – Many debris and objects can fly through the air during a windstorm. Such projectiles can break your windows. When that happens, the pressure inside your home increases suddenly, turning your roof into a huge parachute. So, ensure that all your doors and windows are locked and secured to avoid this. Remind that plywood is an ideal material to cover and protect your windows.
  1. Take an inventory of your home – Make a list of all those belongings a storm may damage. If a storm damages your home, you will need to be ready for when an insurance adjuster visits you. Therefore, take photos and videos of your house’s current condition. You may need to show them to an insurance adjuster as a point of reference.
  1. Secure any loose items in your yard – If you havemovable objects in your yard, the best you can do is to place them indoors. Bring in anything that could fly and cause damage to your home or someone else’s. When it comes to patio furniture, it is best to keep it in your garage, shed, or even your house.
  1. Park your vehicle in a safe place – Your house is probably your most prized asset. Yet, you also need to protect other valuable possessions from a storm impact. So, also consider where you are going to park your car. Logically, the first option must be your garage. But, in the absence of it, you at least can keep your automobile away from potentially hazardous large trees. Park it in a more secluded area.
  1. Try to keep branches away from your home – A good rule of thumb is to keep tree branches at least six feet away from your house. These will act as big whips in heavy winds, causing damage to your roofing system. Be especially wary of branches that may begin to grow along the eaves of your roof. Do not forget that this area is the one that protects against airlift. Thus, you must keep it in good condition at all times.
  1. Clean your gutters – When a heavy storm strikes, a huge amount of water rain can fall on your house. Your gutters and downspouts are responsible for directing all that enormous flow of water away from your home. But, if leaves and debris are blocking your drainage system, the water will return to your roof and may end filtering under your shingles. It even can seep through any crack in your gutters or downspouts, damaging your home walls and foundation. So, ensure your drainage system is free of clogs before the big storm arrives.
  1. Make sure your insurance policy is up to date – Are you sure there are no coverage gaps in your insurance policy? This point is critical. Maintaining an up-to-date insurance policy should be one of your priorities. If a branch or a tree falls on your house, the first thing you have to do is call your insurance provider. Calling a reputable, licensed tree service is step two. They will assist you in removing the tree from your roof and covering the damaged place with a tarp.

Tadlock Roofing will help you in case of your home suffering damage. To help you deal with the emergency, we can provide tarps and have workers ready to assist you in securing your home.

Do you still have concerns about storm-proofing your roof before it rains?

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