5 Reasons Your Porch Roof Needs Replacing

Like every part of your house, your porch’s Myrtle Beach roofing can become damaged and worn over time. Eventually, you’ll need to get it replaced.

To help you spot the signs, here are 5 reasons your porch roof needs replacing.

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5 Reasons Your Porch Roof Needs Replacing

1. It’s Getting Old

Even if you can’t see any signs of damage, there’s a certain lifespan all Myrtle Beach roofing will reach. Once it reaches that milestone, it’s weaker and needs to be replaced. Most porch roofing needs replacing roughly every 20 years.

Check your paperwork to see how old your porch is so that you can hire Myrtle Beach roofing companies when the time comes. 

2. Missing Shingles

If multiple shingles are missing or overlapping, that could be a sign that your porch roofing has sustained severe damage and will need to be replaced.

3. You Spot a Leak

If you regularly notice leaks on your porch, this is usually a good sign that the roof needs replacing.

Sometimes repairs will do the trick, especially if this is the first leak. Get in touch with roofers in Myrtle Beach as soon as possible to arrange an inspection.

4. Gutter Clogs

Have you noticed problems with the guttering? Broken or fallen shingles could be the cause of clogs. If you see shingle materials in your gutters, it’s time for replacements on your porch.

5. Stains and Streaks

Can you see any signs of stains or streaks? This could be caused by rotting resulting from trapped moisture on which algae and mold thrive. A rotting roof could start to fall apart if the deterioration becomes serious.

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