A steep roof is a significant investment, particularly when compared to roofs with a lesser slope. At Lenox Roofing, we often face questions from clients about why steep roofs are more expensive. The reasons are multifaceted and include a variety of factors. We’ll delve into those factors in this article, with insights especially pertinent for those considering roofing in Myrtle Beach.

Factors Contributing to the Cost of a Steep Roof

Materials: Quality and Type

Steep roofs require specialized materials to ensure stability, longevity, and performance. As one of the leading roofing companies in South Carolina, Lenox Roofing emphasizes the importance of selecting the right materials to enhance a steep roof’s aesthetic and functional appeal.

Labor: Specialized Skills and Safety Measures

Building a steep roof demands a team with specialized skills and extensive safety measures. The professionals at Lenox Roofing are trained to work on angled surfaces, which is part of the reason why the labor cost might be higher. We prioritize safety and excellence, resulting in increased costs for protective equipment and additional training.

Time Consumption

The construction of a steep roof takes longer due to the careful attention to detail required. In the competitive market of roofing contractors in Myrtle Beach SC, this aspect adds to the higher labor costs. We invest the time to ensure perfection in every detail.

Structural Requirements

The steep angle of the roof necessitates a robust supporting structure. Reinforcements might be needed, and the costs may be influenced by local building codes and regulations related to roofing in Myrtle Beach.


Maintenance costs may be higher for a steep roof, and Lenox Roofing offers specialized care and periodic inspections as part of our complete roofing solutions.

Detailed Breakdown of Costs

A steep roof’s cost can be summarized as follows:

  • Materials: 40-50% of the total cost
  • Labor: 30-40%
  • Safety Measures: 5-10%
  • Structural Requirements: 10-15%
  • Maintenance: Variable over time

Conclusion: Is a Steep Roof Worth the Investment?

While the cost of a steep roof is undeniably higher, the benefits in terms of aesthetics, performance, and durability often make it a worthwhile investment. For those considering a steep roof in Myrtle Beach, our team at Lenox Roofing is here to guide you through the process. We are one of the premier roofing companies in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, committed to providing a roof that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Feel free to reach out to us for a detailed consultation and personalized quote tailored to your needs. Trust in our experience to make your steep roof project a success.

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