8 Tips to Maintain Your Roof can make a big impact on the life cycle of your roofing system. But then comes the question, how can you take care of your roof when you are not viewing the things which matter the most?

The good thing about the roof and its maintenance are that you do not have to take to the rafters to maintain your roof. You can do a lot of stuff even without a ladder a little bit of elbow grease. Some of the methods to maintain your roof are listed below.

Keep the Gutters Clean

Every season brings its debris which can end up in the gutters which will result in blockages. This is why you must ensure all the gutters around your house are free of blockages. If the water is not flowing freely down the gutter, it will start causing a problem for you, especially in the basement’s ceiling.

Roof decking rot caused by gutter backup is an easy thing to prevent with the simple roof maintenance tip. Get up on a ladder now and again or call a professional gutter cleaning service to clear out any obstruction.

Trim Back Trees and Landscaping

Trees are great for a great landscape picture of your home, but they can become a problem for your home as they can fall on your roof and can cause damage to it. Due to strong winds, branches and limbs can be knocked loose and can fall on the roof. Even they give different insects and animals access to your home through the branches. This is why it is necessary to trim it back few feet to make sure it won’t fall on the roof.

Remove Snow from Your Roof

Snow on your roof can cause the weight to increase which will be a problem for the structure of your home. If you have an older roof, it will be more vulnerable to the weight of the snow. Carefully scrape away the snow, this will help in reducing the weight on the roof.

Check for Cracked or Missing Shingles

Summers can take a toll on your roof and excessive temperature can crack the roof or can tear them off. As Long roofs are built to last years but, when the strong winds come, they usually damage the long roofs more. This is why you must check for the missing shingles and cracks on the roof.

Remove Moss and Mold

Algae, moss, and mould spores are easily carried by the wind and they can spread from one rooftop to another. Algae are not that dangerous; however, moss and mould can be detrimental. If any area on the roofs has moisture in it, the moss and mould would start growing on it. Moss can curl the asphalt shingles which will be lost in case of strong winds. Mould can decay the structure of your roof and can cause severe expensive damage.

Try to spray any moss or mold area of your roof with liquid chlorine bleach and water mixture. Let the chemical settle for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

Look for Leaks in the Attic and Ceiling

A visual inspection of the exterior of the roof will tell you a lot about the health of your roof; however, the attic can tell you about the points of leakage. You can spend some time in the attic to watch all the areas of your ceiling to find out that particular area where the damage is high.

Ensure Strong Insulation

Poorly insulated roofs can cause a home to lose up to a quarter of its heat. A properly fitted roof can save your energy bills a great amount as it will keep the heat inside the house and won’t let the cool air come inside in the winter season. If it is installed properly, roofing insulation will last for more than 40 years.

Get a Roof Inspection

One of the best roof maintenance tips is that you get your roof examined by some roof inspectors. They can tell you where the problem lies. Moreover, they can also suggest better solutions to repair or replace the roof if the damage is high.

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