Hail & Storm Damage

What type of damage insurance providers cover 

Heavy weather events like hail and storm damage can cause severe consequences on our homes. Besides, menacing your security, these events may represent costly repairs. Should you pay for these damages? Should your insurance company bear these expenses?

Did a heavy windstorm damage your roof? Or, after a hailstorm did you find a broken window in your home? 

In cases like these, your insurance provider should pay for repairs. However, do not expect to see this company covering all damage your home suffers. So, how do you know what damages your insurance provider will cover?

The key here is to remember that the insurance company will expect you to mitigate damages.

Myrtle Beach Hail & Storm Damage

For example, did you get a broken window? Then, you should cover it up. This way, you will avoid the rainwater entering your home causing further damage. Thus, your insurance policy should cover all damages that are the direct result of rain, hail, wind, and tornadoes. 

On the other hand, an average policy will not cover, for instance, damage caused by rising waters unless you have a flood policy.

It is advisable to know the terms and conditions of your specific policy. Also, you can call your insurance provider.

Here, we give you some examples of the causes of damages that your insurance company should cover and others that do not:

Covered By Insurance: Rain and Hail Damage, Wind and Tornado Damage

Not Covered By Insurance: Flood Damage and Earthquake Damage 

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Myrtle Beach Hail & Storm Damage

Getting severe roof damage after a heavy storm generates worry and anxiety in homeowners. 

Have you ever gone through this situation? Then, you know how valuable the timely help of a professional and reliable roofing contractor is. 

In this sense, wind and hailstorms continually hit the region we live in. 

Strong storms may have damaged your roof. These weather events, plus the effect of normal wear and tear shortens your roof lifespan. Besides, further problems such as granule loss, cracked, torn, or missing shingles appear.

However, we are here to help!

If you need hail & storm damage roof repair in the Myrtle Beach SC area, Lenox Roofing Solutions is the right choice. We are your storm damage and insurance claims specialist.

Our vast experience solving roofing issues in Myrtle Beach makes us the best local roofing contractor. Over time, we have carried out thousands of inspections. Likewise, we work with the insurance companies to helped homeowners recover the money they spent when tackling repairs. 

Among these repairs, we are roof replacements, ceiling and drywall repairs, leaking roofs, fences, decks, windows, and more.

storm damage

Insurance Claims Assistance

Frequently, roof damage is difficult to assess accurately. Therefore, it is not easy for many policyholders to understand insurance claims. 

Besides, insurance adjusters tend to attribute storm-related damage to pre-existing factors or normal wear and tear. But, do you have paid for your insurance premium for years, right? So, your insurance company should cover the cost of the damage your home suffered.

That depends on the result of the insurance assessment.

Therefore, you should file an insurance claim in the company of an experienced roofer. An insurance claim process works just like when you go to court. You go with an attorney by your side!

Thus, for homeowners requiring insurance claim assistance, we have experts that work as your voice with your insurance provider. We’ll talk with your assigned adjuster to know the scope of repairs and work to maximize your claim.

Experience Is On Your Side

With our services, you obtain:

  • Professional expert service technicians
  • FREE no obligation storm damage roof inspection
  • Expert insurance claims assistance
  • Convenient one-stop shop for all storm damage to your home

Lenox Roofing Solutions is your trustful local roofing company in Myrtle Beach, SC. Beware of out-of-state storm chasers! They only look to make a quick buck.

Free Storm Damage Assessment

We offer free inspections and complete roof damage assessments. 

Moreover, we provide our clients all the assistance they need to move through their insurance claim processes. Call Lenox Roofing Solutions now at 843-839-2445 for storm damage repair anywhere in the Myrtle Beach, SC area.

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