How to Prevent Seasonal Roof Damage. Every season of the year brings challenges for your home and your roof. Here, we’ll show you how your roofing system protects your home and family from weather elements– no matter the season.

How to Prevent Seasonal Roof Damage

Winter roof damage: Beware of the icicle

  • Problem: ice damming is a great threat to your roof during winter.

When snow and ice melt on your roof, the meltwater flows to the roof edges and freezes again. Then it creates a dam that avoids more meltwater from running off. That’s how icicles form.

Besides causing roof damage, ice dams also harm your attic and the interior walls of your home. How can you prevent ice damming?

  • Solutions: Effective ventilation and fiberglass roof underlayment.

A lower temperature in the attic will prevent ice damming. So, proper ventilation is the best defense against ice damming. You can install exhaust vents – like ridge vents – to allow warm air to escape and intake vents to allow cool air to enter.

Besides, a quality fiberglass underlayment – like ProArmor® from Owens Corning – provides additional waterproofing to protect the roof deck.

Summer roof damage: Shingles save the day

  • Problem: the sun’s heat and UV rays hit your roof, transferring heat to the inside of the attic.

According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association (ARMA), the temperature inside your attic can be nearly 65% hotter than the temperature outdoors. In addition to shingles’ deterioration, this heat buildup in your attic can generate condensation and rotten wood in the roof deck. These issues are ways for water to infiltrate your roof.

  • Solutions: Effective ventilation and quality asphalt shingles.

Those exhaust and intake vents that preserve your roof health during winter will save your roof in the summer.

Quality asphalt shingles can resist the sun’s harmful UV rays thanks to their functional layers. The opaque, UV-resistant granules made of mineral, brick, or ceramic, keep the sun’s rays from reaching the asphalt underneath.

Roof damage in the spring and fall: Weathering the storms

  • Problem: Heavyspring storms with strong winds and thunders can cause fallen trees, downed wires, and disastrous roof damage. During fall, storms usually are not so severe. But, they still bring a large amount of rain and debris.
  • Solutions: Asphalt starter shingles, drip edge, flashing, fiberglass underlayment, and gutters.

Asphalt starter shingles are designed to resist tear-off from the wind at the edges of your roof, where wind forces are stronger.

Drip edge is a thin, non-porous, metallic strip used to wrap and protect the roof decking edge.

Flashing keeps the water flowing at the places where the roof meets a wall, like the base of a chimney.

Underlayment is a waterproof or water-resistant layer installed under your shingles to keep the roof deck dry.

High-quality asphalt shingles withstand the harsh effects of weather elements during spring and autumn. The asphalt gives the shingles the strength they need to handle wind and small debris. We use Owens Corning roofing shingles since they meet the UL certification, which is a key quality standard for tear resistance.

Although gutters are not part of the roof, they play a crucial role in your roof system. They direct the rainwater away from your home foundation and external walls. When clogged, gutters allow moisture to remain at the eaves and contribute to ice dam formation.

You can call a local company like Lenox Roofing Solutions to inspect and clean your roof and gutters during autumn before the harsh winter season arrives.

Will your roof last another season? Talk to us.

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