Skylight Repair in Myrtle Beach SC

If you need a skylight repair in Myrtle Beach SC think Lenox Roofing. If you have a leaky skylight or roof window, a top-quality skylight repair in Myrtle Beach South Carolina from a Platinum Preferred roofing contractor is what you need. Having Lenox Roofing Solutions add new Velux skylights and roof windows is a great way to enhance the value and curb appeal of your home. Before you get into the process of choosing a skylight for your roof, take the time to consider the available options & understand its benefits.

Skylight Repair in Myrtle Beach SC: A Velux Skylight Specialist

Velux is the number one brand in the skylight industry and is our partner here at Lenox Roofing Solutions. Through this partnership with Velux, Myrtle Beach South Carolina homeowners can be assured that they are dealing with a skylight repair or replacement specialist.

We are fully trained on all Velux Skylights, sun tunnels as well as all other Velux accessories, like remote-controlled skylights that homeowners can open for fresh air. 

At Lenox Roofing Solutions, we have replaced, installed, and fixed many leaky Skylights and sun tunnels in the Myrtle Beach South Carolina area. If you have the old-style plastic dome skylight, flat skylight, circular skylight, or a Pella skylight, we can replace any of these for you and stop the headache of a leaky skylight.

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The Advantage of Velux

Most people think if they add skylights to their home, it will bring dust, noise, and unwanted light. But you do not have to worry, Lenox Roofing Solutions has the expertise and right tools to end all your concerns. By choosing Velux Skylights & roof windows that have noise-reducing glazing, you will have a well-fitted blind so that you get the assurance your home is quiet, calm, and dark.

For the past six decades, Velux skylights have been the king of the skylight and roof window manufacturing industry. Velux also has heavily invested in energy-efficient technologies and innovative designs to create a range of skylights and accessories that can easily suit your home.

One of the best skylights that Velux offers is a Solar-powered Fresh Air Skylight that comes with a solar panel that can capture sunlight. Through this solar power, you can control the opening & closing of your skylights.

The battery is efficient and needs only a modest amount of sunlight to recharge and is concealed completely making for a neat appearance of the skylight or roof window. When it rains, this battery powers a mechanism that automatically closes the unit, protecting your home and its contents from water damage.

The noise insulation, which Velux uses, reduces the noise up to 25 percent more than the standard double pane glass and up to 50 percent more than a plastic skylight. Velux Skylights also have a glass coating, which can resist dirt and smudges to leave skylights looking cleaner for longer.

Velux Skylights come with the concept of safety and durability, and it has laminated glass according to building codes. You do not have to worry about rain; the skylights keep the water out of your home because of high-quality flashing kits. Velux flashing systems are available for virtually all types of roofs, so you can be sure of getting a weather-tight fit for your skylight. Roofing contractor, Lenox Roofing Solutions offers the best roof repair & skylight services in Myrtle Beach South Carolina and offers a better warranty.

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