Check out these safety tips for working on your roof before you start any type of roofing project. Every time, more and more homeowners spend time working and upgrading their houses in DIY projects. Indeed, the DIY route is a great way to save money, learn something new, and enjoying in the process.

Some simple home tasks only need basic tools. But, others are more complex, challenging, and even risky. This is the case with roofing work, whether it is inspecting your roof or repairing minor issues.

Does your roof leak or have any roof damage? Surely, you will be interested in finding the leak source or temporarily adding a tarp until professional aid comes. Actually, you will require specific expertise and proper gear for roofing jobs. You know what we are talking about if you like to repair and renovate items in or around your house.

There are powerful reasons to check safety conditions before getting up to your roof. So, below we’ll show you some safety tips that will make working on your roof a trouble-free experience. Here, you will get everything you need about general safety, how to walk on your roof, and when to contact a professional.

1. Dress Appropriately

Roofing tasks might take a while. You could work on anything for hours on top of your roof. So, you should wear comfy clothing for that purpose. But, that is not sufficient. This clothing must protect you from wind, sun, rain, snow, and so on.

Sunscreen is necessary for summer. No one likes the burning feeling of red, irritated skin. Thus, we recommend using lightweight and light-colored clothing.

Likewise, during spring and fall, there may be plenty of rain. So, it is a good idea to check the weather forecast to plan the roofing project. Wear a raincoat and avoid using cotton clothing since it dries slowly.

Do you need to work on your roof during winter? Be extremely careful. Wear warm, water-resistant clothing. If the wind is strong, reschedule that repair for a safer moment. If this is not possible, call a roofing professional.

Additionally, no matter the season, you must always wear safety glasses, gloves, and a hard hat while working on your roof.


Your safety will depend mostly on how firmly and stable you stand and walk on your roof. And that depends entirely on the footwear you use. Thus, it is critical to wear suitable footwear, and that’s why it deserves a separate section.

Forget about using those old sneakers you usually wear while working around your home. They are not safe enough for roofing projects.  So, you will need to invest in a pair of decent rubber-soled work shoes. By wearing this type of shoe, you will prevent slipping off when walking on a shingle or metal roof. Also, using boots with a good tread is a good option.

Either way, strong footwear is necessary when it comes to roofing work.

2. Watch the Ladder

Employing a proper ladder is a must when working on a roof. The best choice is an extension ladder. It is not practical and even dangerous to lean over a short ladder. Therefore, to be safe, the ladder should firmly contact the roof, so you don’t have to lean forward. Besides, you must extend your ladder a bit higher than the roof. This will make climbing down simpler.

Likewise, you must place your ladder on an even surface. So, it should not shake when you step on it. Use a piece of wood in case the ground is uneven. Also, it might be clever to fasten the ladder using stakes.

Furthermore, it is crucial to angle the ladder correctly. Put it away from the roof a quarter off its length and secure it firmly to your roof.

3. Prepare the Terrain

Make sure you cleaned the area before you begin moving around the roof. Dead insects, leaves, and twigs might cause you to lose your footing and get injured. You may use a hose to wash out the leftover debris once you finished cleaning the area.

Climbing on and off your roof is not precisely fast and easy. So, make sure you have everything you need the first time you climb up there. Consider using a toolbelt. That will help you carry all the tools you’ll need securely and comfortably.

Do you think to walk on your roof? Then, you must wear a harness. Some people believe that a harness is an unnecessary overload. However, if you slip, it will avoid you falling off the roof. Tie the harness to something strong, and you’ll be good to go.

It is always better to be safe than sorry.

4. Have Some Company Around

You may have a lot of skills and experience working on roofs. But, if you don’t have someone else checking what you do, there’s no roofing safety. When you’re up on the roof, it is helpful to have someone nearby.

They don’t have t help you. They only have to be aware of your location in case of an emergency.

Even something simple may happen. For example, your ladder can fall, leaving you all alone on the roof without a way to get down.

That is why it is a clever move to have someone around helping you out.

5. Seems Dangerous? Contact an Expert

We all may prefer to obtain new abilities and save money by doing ourselves what others pay to get done. Yet, under certain conditions, it is better to leave the pros to do their job. If you think that navigating your roof is hazardous, you should call a roofing contractor. This professional will know how to tackle the problem safely and will offer you a quote for any necessary repair work.

At Lenox Roofing Solutions, our team of roofing specialists helps our clients daily inspecting their roofs. We do it for free! So, stop making risky work, climb down of that roof, and call us at 843-839-2445. Also, you can fill out our online form for a free estimate or inspection in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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