Metal Roofing Systems

Installation of metal roofing systems has been a popular choice among homeowners for decades and remains a popular roofing material in Myrtle Beach SC to this day. Metal roofing is not only durable and long-lasting, but its beauty, safety, energy efficiency, and versatility make it a smart choice for any homeowner. From residential panels to standing seam roof panels homeowners love the versatility of metal roofing systems.

The benefits of metal roofing systems are many, and Lenox Roofing Solutions can help you choose the right metal roofing system for your home. Myrtle Beach SC-based roofing contractor offers metal roofing systems that can provide your home with years of protection, raise your property value, and contribute to the overall beauty of your neighborhood and home. These are just a few top reasons to buy a metal roof for your next new roof. See why metal is the way to go.

Metal Roofing Systems

Benefits of Installing New Metal Roof Systems in Myrtle Beach SC

As a homeowner, you have many options for roofing materials. From asphalt shingles to tile, you’ll find roofing materials to fit almost any style.

Metal roof installation has a long life expectancy and high durability making it a popular choice among Myrtle Beach SC homeowners who value longevity as well as commercial buildings. In the battle against the elements, metal panels have become a tried-and-true winner. But more and more homeowners are discovering that metal panels offer more than just longevity. It offers safety in our hurricane-prone city of Myrtle Beach SC.

Metal Roofing Systems offer benefits for your home that other roofing materials simply can’t match. These benefits include:

1. Improved Wind Resistance

The right choice for coastal or windy areas, screw-down metal roof panels come in a few styles, all with the same purpose of protecting your home against damage from high winds. A metal roof consists of interlocking metal panels that fit together to fully cover the roof of a property. The secure interlocking of these panels reduces the ability of high winds to gust into the roof space, while the tough texture also helps prevent leaks.

2. Improved Fire Resistance

As a homeowner, you can never be too prepared for a disaster. Fires can happen suddenly and without warning. And, when they do, it can put your home and family at risk. Metal roofs are naturally fire-resistant, thanks to their metal and non-combustible properties. Metal offers many benefits. It’s naturally strong, durable, and long-lasting, which means it’s less likely to bend or break as a result of fire damage. If a fire does break out, a metal building can help minimize damage by acting as a barrier, stopping the fire from spreading. Metal roofs can also protect your home’s interior from fire and heat, reducing the risk of smoke damage.

3. Greater Energy Efficiency

Unlike traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, which absorb heat, metal reflects the sun’s energy, lowering the temperature inside your home. In fact, some metal roofing products can lower your home’s indoor temperature by as much as 25 degrees. A metal roof can save homeowners between 10 and 25 percent on the cost of heating and cooling their homes. This savings is even higher in homes located in sunny parts of the U.S. Metal roofing is among the most energy-efficient roofing materials available. Modern metal roofing products can reflect the sun’s rays away from the home, reducing the need for additional cooling equipment.

4. Lightweight

Metal is such a lightweight roofing product that you can be sure that the overall weight of the roof will not adversely affect the overall structural integrity of your home. This is particularly important if your home was built long before current standards for roof support.

5. Styles that Suit Your Home

Many homeowners worry that a metal roof is such a departure from tradition, it simply will not look right in their neighborhoods. The good news is there are many new styles and colors available – and the range of options means there’s something for every type of home

If you’re looking for a new metal roof panel, or just want to know your options, this is the place to start. Here at Lenox Roofing, we carry a variety of panels and can help you choose the perfect one for your home.

Metal Roof Systems: Installation

If you are tired of having to replace your roof every few years, then it’s time to consider metal roof materials. We carry a variety of choices of residential metal roofs for you to choose from, including standing seam metal roof systems, architectural shingles, and commercial metal roofing services for business owners that will help protect your home or business from the sun’s heat. Made from sheet metal to steel, corrugated metal panel roof or aluminum, each is custom designed for the lifetime performance and unique look that you demand. Our installer classes help keep our crews on their A-game but also our customer service team, so Lenox Roofing Solutions offers you quality roofing services on all metal panel roof systems to help homeowners increase the value of their property. If you would like to get rid of your existing roof our qualified staff can show you a rooftop material that can handle the South Carolina wind gusts. We not only install roof panel seams we also repair metal roofs. At Lenox, we are on the leading edge of residential metal roofing.

From the first meeting to the final inspection, we will work closely with you to provide solutions that meet your roofing needs. After installing a metal roof, you will have peace of mind knowing your roof will provide many years of dependable service, protecting them from the damaging effects of moisture, weather, insects, and the sun and providing the following advantages:

Metal Roofing Systems

●      Lightweight: Our metal solutions start at just 0.45 per square foot. It’s up to 50% lighter than traditional coalesced with a guarantee against rust and mildew for as long as you own your home

●      Eco Friendly: Our roofing contains up to 95 percent recycled content. It helps insulate your home more effectively, saving you money on energy costs and reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.

●      Built for performance and durability: Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000 coatings – the toughest polymer coating systems available resist scratches, chemicals, and UV light.

●      Easy maintenance: Its roof valley flashing has a no-clog design, which keeps debris from building up and forming clogs.

●      Weathertight: Concealed fasteners keep out rain and wind, without spoiling the beautiful appearance of your roof.

●      Stylish: A variety of colors match current home design trends, while optional PVDF powder coating allows custom colors and blends.

●      Peace of mind: Our metal roofs have a 50-year lifetime limited warranty on color.

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