Garden City Roofing Contractors

Garden City Roofing Contractors: Residential & Commercial 

If you’re looking for trusted and experienced Garden City Roofing Contractors, you’re at the right place. Your reliable local Garden City roofing contractor – Lenox Roofing Solutions provides residents and businesses in the region with top-quality roof repairs, replacement, and inspection and maintenance services, ensures the results are up to LenoxRoofing’s high standards for Garden City, and Myrtle Beach, SC.

At Lenox Roofing Solutions, we believe that you deserve a resilient roofing system that can protect your home and business from all types of weather hazards and water damage. That’s why, we deliver durable, high-performance, and innovative roofing solutions that meet the exact requirement of Garden City SC’s weather, your design preferences, budget as well as timeframe. We leave no stone unturned to install a robust roofing system that will last for years to come without any problems.

Apart from helping homeowners and businesses with their roofing needs, our experts here at Lenox Roofing will also assist you in your insurance claims in Garden City and help you get maximum coverage. 

At Lenox Roofing Solutions, our team of experienced and certified roofers will help you get a roof that will keep your home energy efficient, watertight, and well protected in all weather conditions. Each roofing system is meticulously designed for exceptional longevity, optimum weather resistance, and with the most eco-friendly materials and technologies available. You can have peace of mind knowing that you get our workmanship warranty as well as a material guarantee from top manufacturers like Owens Corning.

Garden City Roofing Contractors: Our Great City

The Grand Strand is famous for the variety of activities it offers the visitors, but the jewel in the crown is Garden City. The range of activities you can enjoy in Garden City Beach is simply unparalleled with any other area in South Carolina. 

With the picturesque outdoors, amazing nightlight, uncrowded beaches, and serene and peaceful atmosphere, there’s nothing quite like the Garden City. Some of the main attractions include The Pier at Garden City and Garden City Golf Cart Parade.

Garden City, with its hot and humid weather, can make the roofing systems here prone to shingle damage and moisture-related issues. So, if you are worried about the condition of your roofing system in Garden City Beach, make sure to call us today to get a FREE estimate.

Lenox Roofing solutions have protected hundreds of families and businesses in Garden City South Carolina with roofs built specifically to withstand the extreme weather conditions of Garden City Beach. Our knowledgeable team of roofers, consultants, and installers are always happy to repair, install, or improve your roof to deliver optimal protection and performance for years and years. 

Top Quality Garden City Roofing Contractors

Our roofing services in Garden City and surrounding areas include: 

  • Residential Roofing
  • Roof Replacement
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Storm & Hail Damage
  • Roof Repair

Lenox Roofing: Why Choose the Most Trusted Garden City Roofing Contractors?

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Owens corning platinum preferred contractors
  • Superior workmanship and longest roofing warranties
  • Honesty, transparency, and integrity are our core values 
  • As the local roofing expert, we are fully compliant in South Carolina
  • Unmatched Reliability – We ensure the project is completed on time and within budget
  • We are the leading Storm Damage Specialists and can also assist you in your roofing insurance claims process. 

The Leading Garden City Roofing Contractors for Safe and Reliable Roofing Services

At Lenox Roofing solutions, we hire the best professionals in the industry so that our clients can enjoy quality workmanship and exceptional services. It is our skilled professionals that make us stand out in this competitive industry. We proudly serve Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, Horry, Florence, Garden City, Surfside Beach, & surrounding areas. 

To learn more, get in touch with our experts at 843-874-8432 and schedule a free in-home consultation with a professional from Lenox Roofing Solutions. 

Why Choose Us?

Here are just a few reasons why we believe you should choose us to handle your roofing needs in Surfside Beach:

  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • We offer industry-leading workmanship and manufacturers’ warranties
  • We are industry experts and fully compliant in South Carolina
  • Honesty and integrity are core values of our business
  • We are reliable – we get the work done on time and on budget
  • We are Storm Damage Experts and help you through the process

Garden City Hail & Storm Damage Restoration

Garden City Hail & Storm Damage

We can perform a full damage assessment of your roof and work with your insurance company to ensure you get paid for the full amount of the damage.

If needed, we can also meet with your insurance adjuster (at no cost to you) at your home to go over our inspection with them.

Free Roof Inspection & Estimate

The first step to solving your roofing issue is to contact Lenox Roofing Solutions and schedule a free inspection. Our roofing experts will come to your home or business in Garden City and conduct an extensive inspection of your roof.

After completing your inspection, we will provide you with our honest opinion on what needs to be done. You will never be offered something you don’t need.

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