Roof Coatings in Myrtle Beach SC

Roof coatings in Myrtle Beach SC are major solutions that can save your roofs from leaking and help repair and fix the interior damage. We offer a roof coating system at Lenox Roofing Solutions that is perfect for roof repair solutions and is way more cost-effective than any other roofing project that you can get.

Roof Coatings in Myrtle Beach SC

Top Performing Roof Coatings System

A metal roof coating system by Lenox Roofing Solutions complete waterproofing system is designed to stop roof leaks, prevent rust and provide an energy-efficient, attractive finish for your low slope or metal roof. Our long-lasting roof restoration solution will extend the life of your flat or low-slope roof, and it also helps in preventing further leaks while protecting the roof and home from the effects of winds. 

The Conklin MR roof coating system is one of the best roof coatings in the roofing industry. It is cost-effective and long-lasting which can help extend the service life of the roofing system you currently have saved you thousands of dollars. 

Lenox Roofing Solutions Provide a New Life to the Old Roof

We offer another solution for commercial and metal roofs, which will waterproof the metal roof with a seamless acrylic coating that is lightweight and a rugged membrane which will then resist the primary causes of roof leaks such as cracks, rupturing, splitting, etc. This will be applied quickly, and it protects and strengthens the most vulnerable parts easily. It will also keep the commercial building cooler during the hot summer season. Myrtle Beach South Carolina experiences long and hot summers and our roof coating is an affordable and effective way to keep heat away from your roof.

The Gaco roof coating system is 100% silicone and creates a seamless membrane to seal even pesky cracks. The Gaco system is a great roof coating even standing up to roof ponding. Gaco comes in a few different colors to even enhance the aesthetic appeal of your sloped roof. Gaco is an ideal product to use on either a low slope or flat roofing system. Not only is this a great commercial roofing application, but Gaco is also great on patio covers, garage roofs, sheds, barns, mobile homes, and even RVs. 

Roof Coatings in Myrtle Beach SC: Benefits of a Gaco Roof Coating

The 100% silicone makeup of Gaco will give you peace of mind since it will outlast acrylic, asphalt, and Hypalon roof coatings. There is no primer required. Gaco will adhere to most surfaces without a primer, even built-up roofs, cap sheet, metal, modified bitumen, and even sprayed polyurethane foam. Will hold up to ponding without cracking or degrading. The Gaco roof coating is one of the few coatings that can withstand the UV ray of the sun. Very few roofing products can boast this. You can save money by not having to tear off the old roof before applying the Gaco roofing product, this can be a huge saving. Gaco has an unparalleled warranty of 5-Years. The 50-Year Gaco warranty is true peace of mind with your low slope or commercial flat roof. 

Tough Hail Resistant Roofs Lower Energy Costs

Apart from just repairing and protecting the roof from further damage, the metal roofing system we offer for metal and low slope roofing systems can reduce the costs of future repair. Along with this, it can also reduce the electricity needs for air conditioning. The energy-saving properties of such methods, along with the hail-resistant rugged materials, can help with the local cool roof regulations, which are part of the building codes.

Try to Restore Your Roof –Don’t Replace it

If you are searching for a repair solution for your low slope, flat or commercial metal roof, then Lenox Roofing Solutions is your option for any such problem. We offer fabric-reinforced roofing systems that can enhance the quality of restoration and high-grade roof insulation, giving superior protection from severe weather. We have a professional and certified team of roof coating who can help to give quality roof coatings. Lenox Roofing Solutions is prepared to help all roofing clients from in the Myrtle Beach South Carolina area. Call today for your free inspection at 843-380-6205

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