South Carolinians know all too well how crazy our weather can be. But no matter how used to it you are, storms can still wreak havoc on your home.

Want to make sure your Myrtle Beach roofing is ready for everything? Keep reading to learn about caring for your house and repairing wind damage.

Roof Wind Damage: How it Happens and How to Deal with It

How the Wind Can Damage Roofs

Roofers in Myrtle Beach know that winds can cause extensive damage. This is because fast winds can rip away the materials like shingles, tiles, and rubber. Hurricanes can pull up nails and create small holes that become more severe over time.

The wind can also move debris onto your home. This can cause cracks, make the top of your home uneven, and can be incredibly dangerous as objects may fall on people’s heads. In worst-case situations entire trees can be uprooted by winds, falling and destroying the tops of houses.

What to Look Out For

Myrtle Beach is in the top 15 US Metro areas at risk of storm surge for single-family residential homes. But it doesn’t take the worst storms to cause damage. Damage to your shingles may not be initially visible, so it is best to call a Myrtle Beach roofing contractor to take a look.

Here are some tips on how to tell if your roof has been damaged:

  • Leaking – Start by looking inside your home. If there has been serious damage it may have caused holes that may immediately let water into your attic. Look there for signs of water and leaks.
  • Loose Patches / Missing Shingles – Winds will loosen decking or shingles. When shingles are weak, they go on to cause further damage to the surrounding shingles.
  • Damaged Edges – If the edges around your roof no longer look consistent, this could be because the wind has weakened the shingles, causing them to fall off, move or crack.
  • Tears – If you have a flat roof or one made of rubber, look out for tears after heavy winds as they take a more direct hit.

How to Deal With It

When you see any damage, get in touch with one of the reliable Myrtle Beach roofing companies. These are highly trained professionals who will help you manage what is often a dangerous situation.

Roof repair in Myrtle Beach is always best handled by a specialized technician for your safety. DIY can be extremely dangerous for homeowners, especially after wind damage, so it is never recommended.

Future Precautions

When it comes to Myrtle Beach roofing, it is always safest to be prepared. Weather forecasts can change rapidly, so regular maintenance ensures your home is always ready, no matter what nature brings.

Make sure to only work with trustworthy roofers in Myrtle Beach who will use high-quality materials. This is important as it will make your repairs are long-lasting, keeping your home safe.

Contact Roofers in Myrtle Beach

When you notice wind damage to your Myrtle Beach roofing, don’t wait to get it fixed. Call in Myrtle Beach roofing contractors at any time. They can help you every step of the way to make sure you get the best protection for your home.

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